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21231 East Cliff Drive • Santa Cruz, CA 95062 • (831) 464-4698

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Santa Cruz Style Magazine Recommends The Windmill Cafe

by Administrator
in Press
on 15 September 2013
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Santa Cruz Style Magazine - Fall 2013, page 12

Windmill Cafe is easy to spot: Simply look for the windmill on top.  Built in 1930 as a store that sold tulips, this iconic blue-and-white Eastside landmark housed Buckhart's Chocolates for 66 sweet years before becoming a hip bicycle shop, and then a quaint little cafe.

Owner Mary Apra takes pride in Windmill Cafe's deliciously healthy fare, from freshly baked gluten-free muffins and specialty coffee drinks to scrumptious scrambles and homemade soups.  Produce is often plucked from her organic garden behind the restaurant.

Customers can choose one of two tiny, colorful interior rooms or enjoy a meal surrounded by blooming beauty on the dog-friendly garden patio.  Favorite menu items, says Apra, include the signature Neiman bacon-avocado-turkey sandwich and the "Break-a-Rito" whole-wheat burrito.  Craving something exotic? Try the cafe sensational Maca Picchu smoothie made with maca root, cocoa, cinnamon and banana. Little cafe, big flavors!